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Mother and Baby

"Mary-Lynne provided us with nighttime support and she was absolutely wonderful. She has such a warm and confident demeanor, I immediately felt comfortable handing the care of our precious newborn over to her. In addition to providing us with a much needed overnight break, she is very knowledgeable and provided us with invaluable information and support in respect of breastfeeding, the care of our baby and developmental milestones. She genuinely cared about our baby and our family bonded with her even over the relatively short time she was with us. Even though we no longer need the overnight support, she continues to check in and we love that we have kept in touch - and we expect that to continue indefinitely. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is exceptional and every family expecting a baby or having a newborn would benefit from her support."

O & G, First baby

"Mary-Lynne saved me with breastfeeding when I became engorged and had no idea what to do. Her assistance with breastfeeding made it so much easier to get the perfect latch and to find different positions to feed my baby. She was outstanding! So calm, caring and understanding." 

J & M, First baby

"Mary-Lynne helped with adjusting to two kids by entertaining the older child, suggesting ideas on coping with two kids, giving me time to shower and rest. She picked up diapers when we ran out and helped set up appointments with a lactation consultant. I can't say enough wonderful things. So thankful for her during that time!"

E & S, Second baby

“Mary-Lynne is a knowledgeable, professional and supportive doula who I was grateful to have help me navigate the many facets of becoming a mom. Her non-judgemental, evidence based approach provided a wealth of information and resources for any questions I threw her way. She provided sweet, sweet sleep relief which enabled me to better cope and build confidence in my abilities as a new parent. I am very thankful for the peace of mind and trust I felt with Mary-Lynne’s support during the intimate and vulnerable time of starting the journey of parenthood.”

K & R, First baby

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