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Overnight & Sleep Support

Whether you are bringing baby home for that very first night, or are looking for some tips and tricks to help establish a calming bedtime routine, your doula is there to support you in getting the rest you and your family need.

Overnight Doula

What to expect from overnight postpartum doula support:

  • 8 hour in-home overnight shift (typically scheduled from 10pm-6am)

  • Help in developing a soothing bedtime routine

  • Tips & tricks for healthy sleep habits

  • Support around age-appropriate sleep expectations and safe sleep practices

  • Your doula will stay awake while you sleep, ready to resettle baby or take care of quiet household tasks to help your morning go smoother

  • For breastfed babies: your doula will bring your baby to you for each feeding, then burp and resettle baby back to sleep, ensuring that you never have to leave your bed unless you want to!

  • For bottle-fed babies: your doula will prepare the bottle and feed baby, then burp and resettle baby to sleep

  • Light meal prep so you can start your day with a nutritious snack and a warm cup of tea or coffee

    * Overnight support is fully customizable to meet the needs of you and your family


Sunrise Doula

Get your day started off right! 

What to expect from sunrise doula support:

  • 4-5 hours of in-home support, starting in the early morning hours (typically 5am or 6am)

  • Your doula will check in with you about the night(last feeding time, how baby is sleeping), then take over baby duties while you go back to bed for some extra rest

  • Your doula will bring baby to you if breastfeeding, or prepare and feed baby a bottle

  • Your doula will prepare a light breakfast and make a pot of coffee or tea, ready for when you wake

  • Your doula can start a load of laundry, or help wash bottles from the nighttime

  • Your doula can wake you in time to enjoy a hot shower, or let you sleep until just before the end of her shift

   *Sunrise Doula support is fully customizable to meet the needs of you and your family

Mother and Baby Sleeping
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